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Our members base our FAQ section on questions, and we are sure that you will find answers to your questions here. By going through the FAQ page, you can also get most of your general questions answered. FAQ page covers most of the general questions asked by our users and our answers cover all of them, unless the issue is of a specific nature. If you still cannot find the information you are looking for, you may contact our help section, manned by our experienced staff that would be giving you a better solution. Please understand that we do get a lot of inquiries and clarifications about the site and services offered and we answer all your queries till you have a satisfactory answer from us. In case you find some delay to get an answer to your question, please bear with us for the reason that answering of all the mails takes some time.

You can also visit our Dating and Relationship forum, where a number of topics relating to online dating and advice on relationships are discussed in detail. If you have any doubt on the billing of our site, we request you to contact immediately to sort out the issue to your satisfaction. We value your feedbacks, as your feedback is very important to us to get a picture of our effectiveness in rendering our dating services. We encourage you to share your thoughts, as we believe and respect your views. Our dating site is well equipped with a team and is capable of rendering satisfying answers to your inquiries and in case you want us to personally hear your issue, you are most welcome to meet any of our team members, but by giving prior notice.

While it is our deep desire to help you provide with matches meeting your requirements and expectations, sometimes the matches offered to you may not fir exactly with your requirements. The reason for such happening is that, those are as close as possible to your requirements and we would continuously work to match your requirements. An occasion to cancel your account due to dissatisfaction may not arise with us, but for your own reasons, if you want to cancel your account, you have to just log in with your user name and ID and answer a simple question before removing your profile. On answering the question you will get confirmation of cancellation of your account.