Biracial Dating Advice

  • Adhere To This When Dating a Black Woman

    Last time I checked, a black woman was just a woman! So white men please, you want to win that black girl's heart, don't act so weird around her until you lose being yourself. And when you want to appreciate her, be grateful for her beauty or character. Don't make it sound like you are marginalizing her in some way so avoid micro aggressions that in reality make her feel hurt, slimming your chances for a second date. What are micro aggressions... Read more..

  • White Men Dating Black Women: 3 Tips You must Know

    20% of all couples in America have been hitched to somebody of a different race or ethnicity. Dating a black woman is a great experience and white men can relate. All women are beautiful and black women rank high in the spectrum. Before pursuing an interracial relationship with a black woman as a white guy that you should know that will affect your relationship. The most hot button topics revolve around issues on culture, prejudice and racism. Here are some tips for white guys dating black women..... Read more..

  • Common Things Said to Interracial Couples

    Black white dating is become common, but many people still aren't used to the idea of romantic relationships that involve people of different races. When you are in an interracial relationship, you can expect some surprised people to ask you a lot of annoying questions, and say a lot of annoying things. Here are a few of the things that interracial couples hear most often..... Read more..

  • Why Black Men Love Dating White Women

    Black men in the military often have white women waiting for them at home. If you're wondering why black uniformed men are so attracted to white women or if you're a black man who's curious about dating white women, read on to learn more about what makes this type of interracial couple work so well..... Read more..

  • Black Women White Men Dating

    Interracial dating is becoming more and more popular in recent times. But does dating a white person make you less black? The answer is a simple No. Pairing definitely happens in all ways including colors. Even with the extreme divisive opinions in the US and across Europe, interracial relationships advances cannot be simply denied. And they are here to stay.... Read more..

  • Black and White Dating Tips for the African American Male

    Have you always been attracted to white women? Maybe it's your ultimate fantasy. But all the stereotypes of super cocky black men easily seducing white women may be psyching you out. Maybe you're a little shy or just don't have the "flair" that other black men have when they hit on white girls. Not to worry, here are a few black and white dating tips that will help you regardless of looks and confidence... Read more..

  • What White Women Have to Say about Dating Black Men

    You don't see a large statistical turnout of white women dating interracially, but a part of this has to do with demographics. The largest percentage of white women live in areas with a low minority race population. Part of this has to do with the way others of their own race view their relationship with black men... Read more..


    Why do we have to reminisce of the past of the Black? History is important in getting to the root of an occurrence. History is said to be an agreed up lies that we believed it. I might not be there as at the time but research helps in understanding of the past events. History of slavery, rape and forced relationships by the decade of the 21st century, the diagnosisof Post-Traumatic slave behaviour has been established to explain the painful experience and legacy of slavery going on at this moment... Read more..

  • Tips for dating with black kids

    Are you dating a black partner who has kids? Do you want some relationship advice and tips for black dating, if you are dating someone with kids? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then this is certainly the right place for you. Although, dating someone with kids seems quite daunting at first. But, it is not as difficult as you think it to be. Of course, there are some important things to consider in ebony dating, when you date a black guy or girl that has kids... Read more..

  • Black Women Attracting White Guys

    Black Women Attracting White Guys Understanding the laws of attraction is something that has baffled the human race for years. This is true in the case of same race attraction. When the attraction is between different races, the laws change and the rules become more complicated. In today’s melting pot society there are more and more interracial relationships. This is undoubtedly a good thing for society’s progression and accepting love on different levels. Nonetheless, it can be intimidating taking that step away from your own race. ... Read more..

  • Surprising Thing Black Men Discover About the White Women They Date

    The truth is, most people, especially the younger generation, are going to be approving of your relationship. Or at worse, they just won’t care. Maybe they’ll just give you a funny look but mind their own business. No big loss, right? But you might actually be surprised to know that some of the worst stereotypes and offensive “observations” might be coming from your date! Here are some of the most surprising things that white women say sometimes, which they don’t quite realize is showing their discomfort with black and white relationships....Read more..

  • First Impressions on a Biracial Date

    First impressions are highly important in all walks of life. Whether it’s in a professional sense or a personal sense, first impressions have a lot to say about you! When it comes to dating, making a good first impression is fundamental. This is certainly something to keep in mind on a biracial date. Going on a date with someone from outside your race changes the game a little. Whether it is a blind date, a Tinder match, or someone you’ve known for a while, there are certain things you want to come across in your first impression. Whether you are have a minority ethnic background, or are about to go on a first date with someone who has a different ethnic background to you, these are some pointers to keep in mind...Read more..

  • Biracial dating ideas in Washington, D.C

    Washington, D.C., which is also known as “the District” or “DC” is a metropolis of persuasion and power. The political epicenter and capital of the nation, Washington offers a lot of biracial dating options for all the interracial couples out there. Impress your interracial partner by taking him or her to a progressive dinner, created by you. Enjoy unique and delicious culinary treats with your date in the capital. You can head to “Café Atlantico” to start off your evening by drinking a Magic Mojito with a garnishing of a white cotton candy...Read more..

  • How easy it is to meet an biracial Lover Online

    biracial dating is now more common than ever with a good number of marriages in the U.S. occurring between men and women of separate races. While some of these couples may have met within their communities or states, a good number of them where brought together by biracial dating sites. This is to tell you how much technology has improved our societies. interracial dating sites is a good way to meet up with that special person you have long dreamt of, but you’ll have to think twice or even thrice before signing up on that site. ... Read more..

  • Dating tips for biracial couples

    In today’s world, biracial dating has been accepted more than in the past. There are a number of interracial couples nowadays who are not afraid to declare their love for each other. What matters and should is how much they love each other and not the color of their skin or the different races they belong to. There are many biracial dating tips for biracial couples that will help make their relationships last longer and these are listed below... Read more..

  • How to Tackle Racism in Your Relationship

    There are certain stigmas that come with different races due to both socioeconomic perspectives and the representation of racial differences in movies and television shows. Even the most open minded individual is likely to prejudge someone based on this “information”. When it comes to relationships, this can mean that your friends and family might not be as open and welcoming to a new love interest that shares a skin tone other than yours. Fighting racism that surrounds your relationship can be stressful and have a negative impact on your blossoming love. Here are a few steps to tackling this problem head on and letting your love flourish... Read more..

  • Top 5 tips for white women in biracial relationshipp

    I have gathered some information and tips for white woman from the experienced white woman in biracial dating. I would like to explain the complexity in biracial dating for white women. It is because, most white woman might have very little or no knowledge before involving in dating with people of different races. To provide sufficient knowledge and to create awareness for the white women here are some tips listed below which might helpfor a better biracial relationship / dating...Read more..

  • Benefits of being in a biracial relationship

    Dating someone from a different race can be a whole new experience altogether and there are many benefits of dating someone from a distinct race. As you learn more about each other’s cultures, you fall more in love with that person and build a stronger relationship. A biracial relationship will also have its share of problems like any normal relationship but the important thing for you both to keep in mind is that at the end of the day what matters are your feelings for one another. Here are some benefits of dating someone from a different race...Read more..