Why Black Men Love Dating White Women

Black men in the military often have white women waiting for them at home. If you're wondering why black uniformed men are so attracted to white women or if you're a black man who's curious about dating white women, read on to learn more about what makes white women black men dating work so well.

1.They're More Approachable

Black women are strong, independent and tough, but often this isn't really what a man is looking for in a woman. A black uniformed man is much more likely to get a smile and a few pleasantries from a white woman on the street than he is with any other race. White women tend to be friendlier and smile more, possibly due to the fact that most of them have had a privileged life, not giving them any reason to walk around with a scowl being rude to black men.

2.They Have A Unique Natural Beauty

Comedian Trevor Noah once did a sketch where he describes the difference between a white woman in the shower and a black woman in the shower. While a black woman will be doing anything to prevent her hair from getting wet and will be alert and even yell at her boyfriend to get out of the bathroom, a white woman will be standing under the water with wet hair, looking as serene as a goddess in a painting. White women have an innocent grace about them that is further enhanced by their delicate features and fine, soft hair. Many black men love this innocent look and prefer it over the buxom look of other races.

3.They Want To Make You Happy

While women of other races will be screaming about being independent and not needing a man, most white women recognize the importance of being there to make their man happy. With a white woman, you'll never have to beg for a back massage, a sandwich or a cold beer. They love to make their men happy with things like this. Be sure you show your appreciation though, since they will feed on your praise and do even more to earn more compliments about what great girlfriends they are.

4.They're Not As Critical

Most women will nag at their men to always do more and be better than they are, especially if they're going through a rough patch. White women understand that life has ups and downs and that you need to be comforted during the downs. They won't give you trouble or view you as less of a man if you make a mistake, instead they will help you to move on and make you feel better along the way.

5.They'll Appreciate Your Masculinity

While women of other races will often not like an overly masculine man, white women love black men with overly masculine when their partners are physically stronger and in charge. Black men fit the bill perfectly, making this the perfect coupling.