What White Women Have to Say about Dating Black Men

You don't see a large statistical turnout of white women dating interracially, but a part of this has to do with demographics. The largest percentage of white women live in areas with a low minority race population. Part of this has to do with the way others of their own race view their relationship with black men.

Demographic Division

If you combined all the minority groups within the Continental United States, they would still not equal to more than thirty-five percent of the total number of inhabitants. The largest number of minority groups are collected within the big cities. Inner city white women have a more sophisticated view of interracial dating overall, mixing freely with Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others.

They are basically a minority within a minority, as the largest percentage of white women live in predominantly white residential areas, suburbs, towns and rural areas. They may have very open attitudes about dating black men but have had few opportunities for meeting them.

White Male Psychology

It's absolutely amazing the number of articles written by white men with an opinion of why white women date black men, and none of them really seem to have a clue. They blame it on low self-esteem. The blame it on black sexuality. White women who date black men must be skanks whose only real concern is physical dimensions.

It's all horse radish. Women who date interracially admit to preferring darker men, but it's a preference no different than liking blue eyes or tall, blonde men. It's simply there because nature likes to spice things up and women are closely in touch with nature.

Black Men can be as Bad

White women who date black men find the same sort of remarks among their date's friends as they hear from the white men who discuss her private activities in front of her. She'll hear jokes about how much size matters and that once you go black, you'll never go back. The uncomfortable truth often is, once she begins dating black men, many of her white friends tell her to take a hike. They assume dating black men is what she prefers. She's stuck trying to explain to both sides, she's not a traitor. She isn't trying to run away from her white social life. She simply wanted the freedom to date the person she was attracted to, not the color.

A Right to Selectiveness

Women who date interracially like the advantages of using Internet services. There are still a lot of barriers to overcome, a lot of misunderstandings. By posting their experiences online, they bring awareness to the myths fostered by uncertainty and fear of change. Their social networking sites help them communicate clearly so as to promote general acceptance of their interracial dating preferences. Dating sites help them to connect privately and continue to function with dignity and respect as a white women who dates black men.