Surprising Thing Black Men Discover About the White Women They Date

The truth is, most people, especially the younger generation, are going to be approving of your relationship. Or at worse, they just won’t care. Maybe they’ll just give you a funny look but mind their own business. No big loss, right?

But you might actually be surprised to know that some of the worst stereotypes and offensive “observations” might be coming from your date! Here are some of the most surprising things that white women say sometimes, which they don’t quite realize is showing their discomfort with black and white relationships.

Loaded Comments

Some white women are very self conscious about appearing as if they’re dating someone from the “hood” and may not like you to wear certain fads or clothing styles. There may also be other little things that your date does, which might make you feel strangely, such as innocent little stereotypes she repeats (usually not seeing why it’s a stereotype).

Some women may even do the unthinkable and intentionally unintentionally try to be more black, or talk “black.” Thankfully, not everyone does this but some silly girls still buy into that so don’t be afraid to speak up. Politely tell her to chill out and just be herself.

A History of Brothers

It may also surprise you to know that you might not be the first black man she’s dated. Some white women prefer dating black men and may be just playing a little innocent, rather than admit she picked you up from the very beginning! It’s best not to harp on this issue, especially when asking her about past lovers and whether you were her first or not.

On that subject, don’t assume that just because she is attracted to you it’s a “black on blond” sort of thing going on. It’s not always about physical lust anyway. Some women may be attracted to you for your intelligence, confidence, talents or kind behavior to others.

Meet the Parents?

Don’t hold it against her when you find out that she doesn’t want to introduce you to her parents right away. She may even ask you not to meet them until she’s ready. While your instincts might be to get upset, remember that she knows her parents better than anyone and she might just be waiting for the right moment to tell them. Maybe she knows the kind of circumstances that need to happen, in order for mom and dad to be accepting. Trust her instincts and don’t be immature about “demanding” she tell everyone.

Instead of being suspicious, just focus on being supportive. By showing her your deep inner strength, and that what people might think doesn’t bother you, you can help her be more confident too.

It’s always important to keep a good sense of humor and to diffuse tension or self-conscious behavior with a little gentle ribbing. Once she sees that you are comfortable, she will be more comfortable. Biracial dating takes some getting used to, but once you get passed this phase, it’s going to be a love story to remember!