First Impressions on a Biracial Date

First impressions are highly important in all walks of life. Whether it’s in a professional sense or a personal sense, first impressions have a lot to say about you! When it comes to dating, making a good first impression is fundamental. This is certainly something to keep in mind on a biracial date.

Going on a date with someone from outside your race changes the game a little. Whether it is a blind date, a Tinder match, or someone you’ve known for a while, there are certain things you want to come across in your first impression. Whether you are have a minority ethnic background, or are about to go on a first date with someone who has a different ethnic background to you, these are some pointers to keep in mind.

Pay attention to how they feel about their racial background

You don’t want to focus too much on racial differences. Listen out for any time they bring up their ethnic background. Get a good sense for the vibe of the conversation. If they indicate they want to keep talking about it, jump in and ask questions. Just don’t be insensitive. And apologise immediately if you are!

Admit your ignorance (if you have any)

If you are dating someone who has a different racial, ethnic, or religious background to you, don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know everything about it. This can be a good chance for a learning opportunity. The person you are on the date may be happy to give you insight into their cultural background. If they don’t seem keen, don’t push the topic. All going well, there will be a second date to learn more about it all.

Share your own background

When you are from a majority background, you forget that you have ethnicity too. The person you are on a date with didn’t grow up in a white household so many of your habits and customs that you take for granted may be interesting them. This is about cultural exchange. Make the most of this chance to exchange your stories and keep conversation flowing on the first date.

Don’t comment too much on physical features

Unless you are going for a direct compliment, try to steer away from this. A direct compliment would be something about “you have really nice eyes”. An awkward racial compliment would be something like “I really like your Asian eyes”. You want to avoid awkward on the first date of biracial dating. So stay away from compliments or statements that relate directly to how they person looks or acts. It is better to be safe than sorry until you are both totally comfortable with the biracial element of the dating scenario.