History of slavery, rape and forced relationships by the decade of the 21st century, the diagnosis of Post-Traumatic slave behaviour has been established to explain the painful experience and legacy of slavery going on at this moment. One of the most traumatic aspects of slavery is the rape and forced sexual relationships that Black people, especially Black females.

This tragedy is so hurtful and annoying that it is the most important factors causing the vast majority of Black females not to involve in interracial romantic relationships with European American men and other non-Black men. Because they want to show that unlike previous times they now have control over their bodies.

Ignorance, power and brutality of the whites is now hurting them why? Planting their side all around the black female is the most embarrassing, thinking they are oppressing not knowing that act will come back to hurt them, now the vast growing population of black amongst the Whites is alarming, white men have, by force, injected their blood into our veins.

In the eyes of many ex-slaves, relationships between whites and blacks were usually matters of forced sex between the powerful and the powerless, the dynamics and differentials of power between masters and slaves complicate the notions of consent and choice.

Why are some white women attracted to only black men?

White women attracted to black men could only be a natural psychological or physical attraction or they could want to get into the black community or in a simple law of nature people tend to like those that like them. As a general rule, Black men and White men has differing perspectives on beauty. Women choose partners from a genetic material standpoint and a perception of strength, capacity to protect her and offspring, if he can abundantly provide.

Benefits of black dating

Black men have risen in education, prosperity and social power to near and sometimes greater position than white men because there is now a legal, socially sanctioned option. Black people often phrase ending racism as less oppression but continue segregation while White phrase it as a flattening to us all being some sort of nonthreatening white. White women, privileged in society by being the closest to white men are now draining and redistributing white male power and that includes a generation or two that will absorb entitlement psychology as well.

Religion and Religiosity plays an important role on why Black women turn down the romantic courtship requests from White men and other non-Black men in the United States. The high the level of religiosity of Black females in a place could be a factor that leads some Black men not to seek romantic relationships with Black women because they are less religious than their female counterparts it is seen in movies (War Room) which can be called a model; an abstract representation of real world.