Black Women White Men Dating

Interracial dating is becoming more and more popular in recent times. But does dating a white person make you less black? The answer is a simple No. Pairing definitely happens in all ways including colors.

Even with the extreme divisive opinions in the US and across Europe, interracial relationships advances cannot be simply denied. And they are here to stay.

Black women and white men are barely the only diverse duo in the US and in Europe as well. However, it is still something to talk about if you have ever been in that kind of relationship. Apart from the historical differences between black people and white people, there are a number of barriers you should get sorted out in the present. Let us dig into a few ways in which you can discuss race with your white partner.

Be an active communicator

It is important to hold candid talks with your partner about racial stereotypes. This will definitely break the ice and strengthen you as a unit.

Protect your relationship

As a black woman, you should articulate what you will not tolerate and rather focus on the main important things. Is it all about pleasing your girlfriends, your mama, or the men in your life? Or do you have the guts to stand strong and tell them that this is who you want and this is your life.

Discover your blind spots

Both patience and understanding are extremely vital in your interracial relationship. This helps you and your partner to understand your weaknesses and strengths and work towards making your relationship better.

For the black women who have been or are currently dating white men, the following topics have surely come up at one point or another.

1.Your family

You don't have to explain everything about your family to your white partner but giving him a heads up about the fact that most black families don't always follow the general nuclear family rules would be nice. It's not just about relationship by blood when it comes to black families. However, do not forget that some family secrets are better left buried.

2.Shopping habits

Black ladies don't always have the privilege of shopping just anywhere since their bodies are not fully represented in the retail world. It is therefore, vital that the topic of clothes and how they fit be discussed with your partner.

3.Your hair

Black hair can be very confusing to those who weren't brought up around it. Picture your beautiful black lady with a nice pixie style one day, and then the following week she's in marley twists. Confusing, right? It is important, therefore, to speak about the versatile nature of black hair. You just have to avoid touching it.

4.The shade

Dating a white man often means that he will subject to scrutiny on numerous occasions, especially from your black peers. The judgements will be difficult at times and the stares will never end. You should, however, not forget that not long ago, a relationship just like yours was unfathomable. Don't let this serve as an excuse nevertheless. People should mind their own business, and if they don't …well, you have your own life to live.