Black Women Attracting White Guys

Understanding the laws of attraction is something that has baffled the human race for years. This is true in the case of same race attraction. When the attraction is between different races, the laws change and the rules become more complicated.

In today’s melting pot society there are more and more interracial relationships. This is undoubtedly a good thing for society’s progression and accepting love on different levels. Nonetheless, it can be intimidating taking that step away from your own race.

For black women who are interested in white guysa, there are many steps to attraction that can be taken. Get some handy hints from this article to help you snag a white guy.

First impressions must be strong

Grabbing a white man’s attention is based largely on the first impression. You already have a standout feature, that being your skin colour. After that, it comes down to body language, such as good posture and a firm smile, to get his eyes looking your way.

Be confident

Confidence is key is any state of attraction. Men are typically attracted to a confident women, especially a black women who is confident. This means being confident in yourself, such as your views on life. Don’t go in with a complex about being black, this demonstrates a lack of confidence in yourself.

Break the ice

A white guy might not seem interested in you, but chances are he is. He is just more intimidated by you than you are by him. Use that confidence and break the ice. Go and strike up a conversation. Get to know him and let him know you. As you do this, you can start flirting and let him know that you are interested.

Make sure he is worth your time

You don’t want to attract a white guy who isn’t genuine. There can be a lot of fetishes and the idea that black girls are exotic. If you’re looking for something serious, you don’t want to attract a white guy who isn’t in it for the long haul. The best way to see if someone is worth your time is to give them time. Attraction is something that shouldn’t be rushed. Get to know each other and allow the attraction to form naturally and slowly. This will help you know if he is genuinely interested in you, not just the colour of your skin.

Let him impress you

Once he knows that you’re interested, make sure he’s doing some of the work as well. You’ve given the signal that you’re keen, now it’s time for white boy for impress you. Typically men like the chase, so if he really wants you, he’ll go to new efforts to get you. This also let’s him know that you aren’t a push over. Being a strong independent black woman isn’t a bad thing at all in biracial dating.