BLACK WHITE DATING: Ways to Tell She is Head Over Heels Through her Texts

We live in a world where texting is part of our everyday lives. When people meet on interracial dating sites, for example, texting is the only way to break the ice. If you are a man who has met a special woman and been texting each other for a while, there are a few things you need to look out for if you want to know if she is in love with you or now.

1. She will make time to speak to you as often as possible

While the subject matter is not important, she will do everything she can to check up on you as speak with you via text at every opportunity that she gets. There will be a mix of random, cute, short, long and romantic texts that will be sent your way. Take this as a positive and a sign that she is in love with you.

2. She will message you "good night" and "good morning"

If a woman really cares about a man, he will be the last thing she thinks about before she goes to bed and the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up. A good way to know that is the good morning and good night text you will be getting from her. Getting these messages constantly means she is love stuck and doesn't leave her hanging. Return the favor to her as well by sending her the same texts in return. She will appreciate that very much because she will know you care about her the same way she does.

3. When you are feeling under the weather, she will cheer you up

There comes a time when we all feel a bit blue and if you have a woman that goes out her way to cheer you up via text when you are under the feeling under the weather, there is a big chance she is in love with you. She will ask if there is anything she can to speed up your recovery. This is love and not many women would go out their way to want to make a random man feel better via text unless they have feelings for them.

4. She will text you about some of your favorite things

If you have been on a few days with a woman, she will remind you about a joke you shared together, your favorite food, favorite color, place and much more. Just the act of texting these things back to you is a sign that she has been paying attention to what you have been saying and you weren't talking to a brick wall.

5. She will share some of her deepest secrets with you

When you are in an interracial relationship, sharing secrets comes with the territory and happens a lot with a couple who are in constant dialogue with each other. If she shares anything to do with intimacy, she is in love with you because women do not share such details with anyone. She will see you as her confidante and this is something that doesn't come very easily.