INTERRACIAL DATING: 5 reasons why he has become distant to you

Interracial Couples that have a strong bond and madly in love with each other can become distant out of the blue at some point during their black women white men relationship. As to why a person can become distant, the reasons are many and if you are a woman who is worried about her man suddenly distancing himself from you, here are a few reasons why


Things like having a family life, assignment deadlines at university if he is studying, huge workload and even family can have a massive impact on a person and make them become distant and stressed. If his stress levels are high, it is because he is trying so hard to think of ways to deal with his problems hence the distance from you.


Many men across the world become distant from their lovers because they have a woman aside. This is not always the case as they may just want to have some alone time but it is a possibility. You have to keep your wits about you when your boyfriend suddenly becomes isolated from you especially if instincts are telling you they might be someone else in the equation.

3.You are a very needy person

One thing that all men have in common is they want to be desired by the woman in their life not needed. If you are a very needy person and want to spend every single waking moment with him, he will slowly try to detach himself from you because you are smothering him. No guy wants to feel like a bird in a change when they are in a relationship. Clinging on to him all the time will make him want to avoid you every single chance he has.

4.He simply needs some alone time

While this is 50/50 and can be your fault as well as not, it could happen that he is not getting the guy time that he feels he deserves. Balancing a relationship, work, friends, family, school and home life is not very easy. If he is giving the majority of his time to everyone in his life, him becoming distance means he just wants to spend time by himself and respect him on that.

5.Concerns over the relationship

When two people fall madly on life, things can move rather quickly and before you know it, a few days after knowing each other, you are in a full-blown romantic interracial relationship. If he is not ready to commit fully after things have moved very fast, that could be a reason why he has become distant from you. He does love you but maybe there is still some doubt in his head and once you reassure him and eliminate any worries on his side, he should be back on track